Auto Restoration in Wellman, IA

Welcoming vintage cars that need a refresh and vehicles fresh off an accident, M & M Truck and Auto Body, Inc. takes pride in being an experienced bodywork and auto paint shop in Wellman, IA. Our shop has all of the tools and know-how necessary to erase damages and blemishes from your vehicle, restoring its flawless integrity.

  • Auto restorations

    We welcome classic cars from any era, regardless of make or model. There’s nothing our team likes more than breathing new life into a vintage car! From removing old dents, dings and blemishes, to giving your old classic a totally custom paint job, we put in the work to make it look pristine.

  • Collision repairs

    You don’t need a constant reminder of your recent accident blemishing your vehicle. Come to us for comprehensive collision repair in Wellman, IA and let us set your vehicle straight. We have the equipment and know-how to ensure damages major and minor are properly corrected, restoring your car’s integrity and appearance.

  • Fiberglass repairs

    Many late-model vehicles have fiberglass bumpers and other components. When your fiberglass bumper becomes cracked or damaged, don’t go looking for a high-priced replacement. Instead come to us for affordable fiberglass repair and let us erase the damage without having to completely replace the part.

  • Headlight restoration

    Fogged or glazed headlights can severely limit your visibility, just like cracked or displaced headlights can limit their function. We’re able to remediate any headlight damages your vehicle may have, to restore the complete function of your lights.

  • Plastic repairs

    You don’t have to drive around with cracked plastic on your car! If your bumper, grille, runners or other plastic area of your auto body becomes damaged or disrupted, let us set it right. We have the know how to repair plastic flawlessly!

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No matter the extent of the damage suffered by your car or truck, we can reverse it to restore a like-new appearance. Plus, with headlight and paint capabilities, you’re guaranteed results that are truly restorative! Reach M & M Truck and Auto Body, Inc. today at 319-646-5267 to schedule an appointment.

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